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Six Types Of Smells To Diagnose Car Problems

My SUV kept giving me these eerie smells. So, I wanted to sell my car in Sydney for the best deal. –Mike.

If you’ve been facing the same problem then we give cash for unwanted cars in Sydney. However, don’t take this as an immediate solution. There may still be some salvage left for your piece of metal.

We’ve listed down six types of car odours that signal immediate repair. These “smell-tale” signs will easily help you detect a problem before the car mechanic gives you a diagnosis.

Six types of smells to diagnose car problems

1. Sulphur

We hope that you’ve never had the displeasure of smelling rotten eggs. However, your engine might not be so merciful. The smell of rotten eggs indicates that the catalytic converter isn’t processing hydrogen sulphide in the exhaust. Since it’s not breaking down; the chemical emits an odour of eggs gone rotten. Your engine needs immediate repair.

2. Ethylene Glycol

A chemical called ethylene glycol is present in the coolant. If your heating core isn’t functioning too well, it can lead to the inside of the car smell like maple syrup. Maple syrup emits a sweet odour as does this chemical. It could be leaking from the radiator, cylinder head or manifold gasket.

3. Burnt Paper

Go easy on the pedal in this case. If you’re too frequently locking heels with the pedal or riding the clutch; it results in significant friction. This increased frequency also means that you are rapidly shifting gears resulting in a burnt paper smell. This is a sign that enough heat is being generated to burn the paper-based clutch facing. This can cause a clutch failure.

4. Burnt Oil

If you smell burnt oil, check the oil dipstick. It could be a sign that you are running out of engine oil or the engine is overheating. Other factors include oil leak in the engine block or exhaust manifold, improper gear lubrication, and using the wrong engine oil.

5. Musty Basement

Mildew gives off a musty odour. If it smells musty when you turn on the heater or AC, you’ll know what’s growing inside the AC evaporator. The solution is to turn off the AC or heater and drive with the fan on high. This will help dry out the system of mildew.

6. Burnt Carpet

It could smell like a burnt carpet in your car. In that case, take your car to the mechanic to replace the brake pads. They have been exhaustively used, and therefore, are overheated. Another contributing factor is leaving the hand brake on when not needed.

If one or more of these smells repeatedly form several times after repair, you can give it away to scrap. At Metal Force Recycling, we offer cash for unwanted cars in Sydney for a price of up to $9,000. We buy several scrap metals including brass, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, catalytic converter, etc.

Parts of your car can be reused while the rest is recycled in our yard. Our procedure for vehicle submission is simple. Contact us for more details so we can get in touch with you.