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Surprising Stats About Scrap Metal Near Me

Metal recycling is a booming industry, but not many people know what goes on behind the scenes. Learning more about scrap metal near me can help you take advantage of the market especially if you’re planning to sell scraps sometime soon.

What Should You Know About Scrap Metal Near Me?

  • The Scrap Metal Industry Is Thriving

As of 2020, the Australian scrap metal recycling industry is valued at about $2 billion. Although it’s slightly decreased from the past five years, this predicament is not expected to last.

In fact, research has found that the industry will grow over the next five years. This projection is thanks to the sudden rise in export and processing volumes, world steel prices, and domestic construction activities.

  • Scrap Metals Can Sell For Excellent Prices

The term “scrap” is often associated with rubbish. But as the saying goes, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure and that couldn’t be truer with scrap metal recycling.

Scrap metal prices are greatly affected by local supply and demand, plus the state of international trade. In addition, they can vary depending on the time of year and your location.

So for instance, Sydney’s scrap metal prices right now will be different in the next year or even the following season. But currently, aluminium is valued at about $1.80/kg, stainless steel at $1.60/kg, and copper at $11.50/kg!

  • Recycling Scrap Metal Is Fantastic For The Environment

Recycling environmental benefits come as no surprise. But not everyone is familiar with the substantial effects of reusing scrap metals.

Consider this: From 2016 to 2017, Australia recovered more than 5 million tonnes of scrap metal. That’s around 90% of metal waste in the country, which includes ferrous and non-ferrous materials. And for every tonne saved, we are conserving over 1000 kg of iron ore, 600 kg of coal, and 50 kg of limestone.

The benefits don’t stop there. Scrap metal recycling is a safer and less energy-intensive process than mining, helping manufacturers avoid causing environmental hazards. Recycling prevents toxic runoffs, groundwater pollution, and habitat destruction.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Helps The Economy

Recycled metal isn’t just great for the environment; it’s also an excellent opportunity for the local economy. Australia has exported millions of tonnes of metal waste, with Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China being our largest markets. This has allowed various industries and manufacturers to save up on costs, which, in turn, lessens the costs of their products.

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