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Things That May Affect Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

How much can you earn from selling scrap metal? Scrap metal prices in Sydney has always been affected by several factors:

Current Market Prices

If you have been selling scrap for quite some time, for sure you have already noticed that scrap metal prices in Sydney do fluctuate regularly. That’s because scrap yards and scrap metal recycling companies refer to the current prices of metal in the market when giving an offer. So before selling, you may want to check the market first!

Weight Or Amount Of Scrap Metal

The more scrap metal you have, the more cash you can make. Take note that the prices of scrap metal are determined per kilogram. Instead of going to a scrap yard every time you find scrap metal at home, save it. Wait until you have a truckload of scrap metals to sell. This way, you can save cash on transportation and extra charges.


Metals that are corroded or are covered with dirt are likely to fetch a lower price. That’s because the scrap yard will have to clean them first before they can be recycled. If you want to get higher payment, clean your scrap metal. Remove any insulation from the metal before selling. This way, you can help the scrap yard save hours of labour and they can give you better offer.

Supply And Demand

The laws of supply and demand state that a product gets more expensive when the demand for it is but its supply is low. For example, the scrap copper metal will sell for a higher price at a scrap yard if there is a current demand for it but low in supply. The opposite is true for scrap metal that is very common such as aluminium. Following the trend will help you be strategic when selling your scrap. For example, if you notice that the price of the metal you have is currently low, then you may want to consider waiting until the price goes up again.


There are scrap yards that buy but do not process scrap metal. They simply collect the ferrous and nonferrous scraps then send them to other recycling facilities. They usually buy scrap at lower prices because they have to spend cash on transportation.

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