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Three Main Habits That Can Give Your Car A Longer Life

Vehicles are meant for running at optimal speed. Some are meant for heavy-duty travelling more than others. However, your car can be more fragile than you think. It can speak to you in more ways than one. You need to learn to recognise the signs. We’ll help you!

Practice a few habits to give your car a longer running span than most cars. To do this, you need to know a bit about how a car functions through these little habits. This mindful routine can help your car in the long run (pun intended!), long before you send it to the metal scrappers.

Three main habits to give your car a longer life

  1. Did you know that letting your car sit for a hot minute before running helps get the engine oil up to temperature? This process helps distribute the oil throughout the engine. Just let the car sit for a minute after you turn on the ignition. Revving up the car won’t do it any good even though it heats the engine but damages the car. The abrupt temperature change can cause stress between the engine’s tight components.
  2. Many impatient drivers are quick to shift abruptly from reverse to forward gear. They may have mastered their control over the years of driving but it does not justify going rogue. The best practice is to reverse the car, stop, shift to forward gear and slowly gain up to speed. This will save your car from axle damage, including engine and transmission issues as well.
  3. Put both your hands on the steering wheel. This helps to manoeuvre the car smoothly. However, the real reason we’re talking about this is that many drivers have one hand on the shift lever and one hand on the steering wheel. Putting your hand on the shift level throughout the journey of your drive can strain the transmission’s bushings and synchronizers. This can lead to premature wear.

Follow these three main habits so you don’t have to send your car too soon to the metal scrappers. However, once your vehicle has run its course, we’ve got a few good scrap metal prices for you.

Scrap metal prices for your car

Here, at Metal Force Recycling, we understand the sentiments you have for your car. That is why when you finally sell your car to metal scrappers, we ensure to give you the right price.

Metal Scrap Price ( /Kg)
Copper Scrap Price $6.00  –  $8.00
Aluminium Scrap Price $0.80  –  $1.30
Brass Scrap Price $4.00  –  $5.00
Stainless Steel Scrap Price $1.00  –  $1.70

We offer the best prices for steel scrap price and other types of metals. Once you give your car up for recycling, we’ll pay top dollar regardless of the car’s size, weight and condition.

Meanwhile, practice the above habits to give your car a long life until we meet again. We have a lot to offer. For more details, you may contact us and we will get in touch with you.