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Toyota Hilux Wreckers In Sydney – All You Need To Know

Do you have an old Toyota car with a heap of kilometres on the clock that is no longer roadworthy? Then it’s time to consider calling a Toyota Hilux Wrecker in Sydney. It’s your best option to get rid of it and still earn good cash. It may not be worth selling it online, unless, of course, you are okay with spending time and cash finding interested buyers and haggling with them!

Most Toyota Hilux wreckers in Sydney or scrap metal recyclers are paying cash spot on for any damaged vehicle, regardless of type, model, and age. Some will even provide free car removal, too.

However, keep in mind that offers vary from different wreckers. So, before you send an inquiry or contact your nearest wrecker, it’s important to know the factors they consider when evaluating car worth.

Type Of The Vehicle

Most wreckers have their own specific guidelines and preferences as to what type or model of vehicles they want to buy. So, if you are selling a Toyota car, then you need to double-check with your chosen wrecker if they are buying vehicles under the said car manufacturer as some of these companies may not be interested in purchasing vehicles outside of their particular interest.


As mentioned, wreckers are going to buy old cars regardless of their condition, registration status, or wear and tear. There’s no question about their willingness. The question is how much is they are going to pay. The offer will mostly be based on the condition. Naturally, the more damaged it is, the lower the offer it will fetch. If you will notice, Toyota Hilux wreckers in Sydney will always ask about the age, car mileage, and years the car has not been used. That’s because these factors indicate how much wear and tear a car has!

Spare Parts

If you want to earn more cash from your scrap car, avoid removing any parts unless it’s your personal belongings. Contrary to what you may think, wreckers are not only after the steel. Only those severely damaged cars are crushed for scrap metal. They are also interested in other parts like the engine, batteries, and other mechanical and electronic parts. In fact, some may also remove body panels, windows, air bags, tyres, and mirrors.

Looking for a trusted Toyota Hilux wrecker in Sydney? Call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732! Like other companies, they also offer cash for cars. But what makes us different is that we have experienced evaluators. You can trust that it will be done with transparency and fairness. Depending on the condition of your Toyota, you can get up to $9000, which is higher as compared to other competitors in the area.