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Trends You May Have Missed About Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal prices in Sydney is constantly changing due to numerous factors. So if you want to enter the market, keeping your eye on the ever-shifting trends is a must. But where do you start?

Here Are Some Current Trends In Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney:

Did you know that the Australian scrap metal industry is value more than $2 billion? Plus, this number is only projected to grow in the next five years, and it’s all thanks to the rising export and processing volumes.

On Top Of That, The Current Prices Of Scrap Metal Are Significantly Affected By The Following:

  • Amount

Naturally, the more scrap metal you have to sell, the better prices you’ll obtain. But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with selling a few hundred kilograms at a time; many recyclers will accept scraps weighing less than 500kg.

However, selling in large amounts is still the best way to earn top cash. So, if possible, save your scraps until you can fill an entire truckload. You can also get more incredible offers from heavy cars instead of relying on stainless steel turnings and copper wires.

  • Quality

No matter what product you’re trying to sell, it will always fetch a higher price the better its quality. For instance, clean, uncontaminated copper is much more valuable than low-grade insulated wires with only 30% metal.

Another popular example is aluminium. Although tin cans are more readily available, they’re also lower in quality and harder to clean. Meanwhile, aluminium wheels are significantly more valuable, especially once you remove the tyres and valve stems.

  • Time Of Year

With the colder months coming closer, you can expect scrap metal prices in Sydney to increase. You’d assume that warmer seasons would fetch higher prices, which is also true. However, snow in mining areas means limited accessibility, especially for steel products.

  • Location

Besides the time of year, your location also matters. For instance, the scrap metal prices in Perth are not the same in Sydney, and all the more different in the United States or China.

Additionally, it also depends on the local scrap metal industry. In Sydney, you can find dozens of recycling companies that offer varying prices, so make sure to choose the most reliable provider.

  • Prices Of New Metals

Lastly, new metal costs can also affect those of scrap metals. For example, imagine if automakers suddenly had a shortage of freshly mined steel. In this case, the demand for recycled steel will rise, leading to higher prices.

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