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Truck Wreckers Sydney: Find Out The Value Of Your Old Truck!

Old, damaged, or decommissioned vehicles are value more than you think. It’s all about finding the right buyer. Luckily, there are reliable truck wreckers in Sydney that can give you the best prices!

How Truck Wreckers In Sydney Decide The Value Of Your Vehicles?

Old trucks are broken down into several parts to determine their overall value, unlike used functioning vehicles. Generally, their prices rely on three things: scrap metal, spare parts, and the current market.

Scrap Metal

The typical Class 4 truck weighs between 2700 to 3600 kg, making it a goldmine of scrap metal. Plus, on average, it will consist of up to 65% steel and iron by weight.

Take, for instance, a Ford F-350. Its curb weight maxes out at 3160 kg, which means it can contain up to 2054 kg of steel. Multiply this with the current price of scrap steel and you will get a rough idea of what you might earn.

Other metals besides steel are significantly more valuable. Copper, for example, is a rarer material, valued at more than $11 per kilogram.

Spare Parts

Spare, usable parts are another valuable source of cash in old trucks. It’s no secret that broken car components are a pain to replace, costing thousands of dollars in stores.

Truck wreckers in Sydney offer a more affordable alternative to new parts by dismantling old vehicles, recovering valuable engine and transmission systems, alternators, radiators, and catalytic converters.

Even irreparable parts can still be made use of through their materials. For example, scrap metal recyclers would be willing to take engines and catalytic converters off your hands as they contain aluminium, platinum, and palladium.

Market Value

Ultimately, the overall price of your trucks will depend on their makes and models. Generally, the more widely used a car is the better its value, as its parts are considered more sought-after.

For instance, Isuzu, the leading truck brand in Australia, is highly in demand. According to Red Book AU, the 2015 D-MAX is value $20,300 to $22,800, and its junk price will be around 20% to 40% of this amount.

Of course, there’s no reason to be discouraged if the final price of your vehicle isn’t what you expected. Truck-wrecking companies make up for this by offering free services on top of their cash payments, making the deal value your time.

If you’re looking for truck wreckers in Sydney that can offer you the most reasonable prices, Metal Force Recycling is the best way to go. Our services are nothing but top-notch, and we can guarantee you up to $9000 for any vehicle.

Give us a call at 0403 191 732 and request a free quote to see if you can get your money’s value!