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Used Junk Car Buyers Have Discovered Five Fantastic Uses For Used Tyres

Automobile tyres are perfect examples of single-use products manufactured in high volumes while derived from non-renewable petroleum resources. Their design simply doesn’t allow them to be reused or recycled. However, used junk car buyers are getting innovative and creative at proper disposal and encouraging new uses for old tyres instead of discarding them.

Common Uses For Old Tyres

For years, old, worn-down tyres are repurposed commonly into fencing, makeshift speed bumps, and swings. Some are transformed into rubber mats for children’s playgrounds, too. However, these are inefficient ways to use non-renewable materials. Eventually, those materials end up in landfills, much like what happens with most tyres dumped in tyre landfills, making them an environmental hazard when they release toxic liquids and gases.

New Ways To Make The Most Of Old Tyres

Reputable and licensed used junk car buyers have been in their industry for years, and they know and understand the impact of old tyres on the environment. As a result, they discovered new and better uses for used tyres. Here are some of them:

  1. Landfill Liners Or Covers

Chipped or shredded tyres are practical as a cover and liner for landfills. They offer thermal insulation between the primary and secondary liners to minimise temperatures. They make excellent alternatives to incinerator ash or coal, as both are permeable. Moreover, the tyre chips are cost-effective and efficient landscaping for landfills.

  1. Crumb Rubber

Waste tyres can be finely ground to produce crumb rubber. The process involves removing the steel and tyre cords from the discarded tires, and the remnant rubber is ground to a granular consistency. The result is material for rubberised asphalt, welcome mats, playground flooring, vehicle mudguards, and anti-fatigue mats.

  1. Gravel Substitute

Used junk car buyers can provide the tyres needed to make tyre chips as gravel substitute for these applications: aggregate for drainage ditches, sub-layers for roadways, and embankment backfill for highways. Tyre chips can lessen frost penetration during the cold months, and because they are almost three times as light as gravel, they can reduce equipment costs and offer time savings. The same material can be placed under light rail tracks near establishments and homes to mitigate noise and minimise vibration from passing trains.

  1. Garden Mulch

Recycled tyres can become mulch, which won’t float away, rot, or attract wood-boring pests.

  1. Wastewater Treatment Filter

Used car buyers can provide the materials to make shredded tyre chips to serve as filters in constructed wetlands and wastewater treatments. The chips can be made less or more porous for effective filtration of specific organic compounds, rocks, and other materials.

If you need tyres for those purposes, check with licensed used car buyers like Metal Force Recycling by calling 0403 191 732. We also buy junk cars and their tyres and pay up to $9,000 or more, depending on their condition. We’ll take care of the pickup, too!