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We Buy Stainless Steel Scrap and Pay the Highest Price for It

Stainless steel is one of the most common metals in many consumer products. It is in cookware, cutlery, tanks, valves, pumps, kitchen sinks, tableware, furniture, and many more. Thus, you may  find stainless steel scrap in your home and office. Rather than disposing of them, it’s better to gather and sort them and then find the latest steel scrap price. They could fetch a good amount of money when you sell them to a licensed scrap metal merchant in Sydney.

What determines the cost of stainless steel scrap?

Stainless steel scrap price depends on the material’s grade. The cost of alloy tends to fluctuate because of various domestic and international factors, so it’s best to get an estimate from an established and reputable scrap metal merchant to get the best offers.

Stainless steel is an iron alloy that can be made with a combination of various materials. Metallic compounds can differ, resulting in over 3,000 variations of the alloy today. Depending on the metal composition, stainless steel can be classified into the following:

Caustentic (200 series) – Made of iron-chromium-nickel-manganese alloys

Austenitic (300 series) – Non-magnetic, metallic, and mainly composed of iron-chromium-nickel alloys. It’s the most common type found in two grades: 316 and 304, and is used on household appliances, sheets, bars, cooking ranges, plates, and rails. 316 has molybdenum, so it may fetch a higher steel scrap price, while 304-grade contains nickel, chromium, and iron.

Ferritic – This type of stainless steel retains the magnetic properties of iron while having a high chromium and carbon content, making it corrosion-resistant and ductile. It’s used widely in kitchenware, automotive parts, and industrial equipment.

Martensitic – This is the least common alloy, with low corrosion resistance and requires polymer coating, but used for its tensile strength and hardness.

Not all stainless steel scrap will have a label to indicate grade and quality, making it challenging to determine the type of alloy in their composition. Scrap metal merchants will do their best to provide the highest stainless steel scrap price when you ask them to inspect and weigh your materials.

Earn top dollar for stainless steel scrap

We constantly update our prices, so if you find them favourable now, call 0403 191 732, and the team at Metal Force Recycling will give you the most competitive steel scrap price in Sydney.

Reputable scrap metal merchants like us have extensive international and domestic exports and trades, allowing us to pay the highest price possible for unwanted stainless steel scraps and junk vehicles. We will even take care of the pickup and car removal, so you don’t have to do the legwork. We also follow all green and safety standards to minimise our environmental impact while working toward reducing landfill waste.