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What You Should Know About Auto Wreckers In Sydney?

Are you finally ready to let go of your old car? Then you’re probably in search of a reliable auto wrecker in Sydney. Selling to a can removal and auto recycling company is a great way to earn instant cash from a junk car.

But Before Booking Any Service, Be Sure To Find Out More About The Auto Wrecker. Here Are Some Factors To Look At:


To avoid getting scammed, choose a well-established auto wrecking company that has earned the trust of hundreds of customers in Sydney and beyond. Consider their reputation and history. To be safe, pick a company that has been buying and scrapping cars for many years. Be sure that they have the necessary licenses to operate legally.


What are their working hours? How soon can they pick up your car? These are important questions you should ask when you are in need of quick cash or in a hurry to dispose of your vehicle. It’s also good to find an auto wrecker in Sydney that has flexible time and can work with your schedule.

Customer Service 

How quickly did they respond to your inquiry? Have they answered all your questions? Is their staff friendly? These things matter because they can help you gauge the professionalism and experience of a prospective auto wrecker in Sydney. If people are commending them for their customer service, then you might have found the right company.

 Scraping Process

You don’t need to know every detail in their scrapping and recycling process, but you should at least check if they are following green recycling standards. A reliable auto wrecker in Sydney is responsible and committed to preserving the environment. They make sure to follow the highest standards in recycling and processing old cars to minimise their carbon footprint.

Service Locations

You want to make sure that the wrecker can service Sydney or the specific suburb/neighbourhood where you are in. That’s why it’s highly recommended to choose a local company. This way, the distance they have to travel to tow your car is short, which means towing fees will be lower. They might even tow your car for free.

Towing Fees And Processing Fees

Before accepting any cash offer, ask them about extra charges. You should do this early, so that you can set the right expectations and there are no surprises.

Metal Force Recycling is a reliable auto wrecker in Sydney that offers free towing and paperwork. It doesn’t matter where your vehicle is, we will collect it without charging you a single cent, so you can enjoy the full cash payment for your car. To book our service, call us on 0403 191 732 or answer our online enquiry form!