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When Is The Right Time To Let Go Of Your Old Car?

Few reasons justify why we don’t let go of that old car. Multiple excuses make it to the list too. It may be time for a car removal but for you, it’s not just a piece of metal; it’s family. You’ve had long rides in it, visited places, ate on-the-go meals, laughed with friends, and well, cursed at bad drivers. Unwanted car removal is just not what’s on your mind right now. All you want to do is make more memories because you’ve grown attached to her or him. You give your car a name, Cherry, Merlot, Betsy because he or she is now part of your life.

That’s how precious the old vehicle is, and therefore, junk car removal is the last thing on your mind. As we mentioned, justifiable reasons like creating memories and financial constraints of buying a new car make sense. However, other reasons can signal you to apply the brakes and go for car removal. You must recognize these factors before you regret looking the other way. In this post, we’ll share a few crucial reasons why you should not drive that 12-year-old car anymore.

Signs that show your car is on a slippery slope

If you love your car then brace yourself, it could get emotional. Metal Force Recycling is a leading metal scraps company in Australia. With more than a decade long experience in scrap car removal in Sydney, we know exactly why an old car removal is necessary.  

  • It keeps breaking down even after several repairs.
  • The clutch doesn’t press easily and so pick-ups get slow and rusty.
  • Your accelerator keeps making squeaky noises even after oiling it a dozen times.
  • Your car maintenance costs have exceeded the costs of buying a new car.
  • Your car keeps overheating and the battery often dies.
  • There are cracks in the dashboard caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • The door panels are noticeably tumbling inwards often.
  • When the fuel prices have gone up and you no longer drive as much.
  • The interiors of your car look vintage but for all the wrong reasons.
  • Your car repair mechanic does not answer your calls anymore.

Scrap car removal in Sydney

We at Metal Force Recycling follow a very strict protocol when it comes to old car removal in Sydney. If you’ve got the above slippery slope car signs then we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how it will go.

  • Our experts will get the details of your car once you approach us or call us. Give us a free call on 0403 191 732.
  • We will quote the price you can get for your car removal after assessing the extent of damage and the condition of the vehicle.
  • Once the price is finalized and approved at both ends, we will arrange to pick-up the car.
  • We offer free towing at a pre-decided time and pay you instant cash of up to $9000.

We believe in giving you a hassle-free and effective process for recycling your car’s metal.