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Where Should I Get Experienced and Trusted Scrap Metal in Campbelltown?

Do you have a bunch of old appliances lying around at home? Unfortunately, they don’t have much use, only taking up space in your garage or yard. But don’t worry—you can still get rid of them and earn a lot of cash! Just sell your scrap metal in Campbelltown to an experienced scrap metal merchant offering high-quality services.

How to find the best buyers for your scrap metal in Campbelltown

  • Search for companies buying all types of scrap

Metals can range from ferrous to non-ferrous, and they also have different types: steel, aluminium, lead, copper, and more. Sadly, some scrap buyers only specialise in one kind of metal, making it hard for you to get rid of everything at once.

Therefore, if you want a more convenient experience, look for a company that buys all types of scrap, no matter if they’re ferrous or non-ferrous. In addition, consider a provider that will accept materials from different sources. For instance, if you have various types of copper from plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and fridge compressors, you can send them to one place instead of separating them for different buyers.

  • Make sure the company pays top cash for scrap

Little do people know that scrap metals can fetch great prices. This is because metals are a finite resource, and manufacturers always want more affordable alternatives to mining and processing raw ore.

As a result, get your money’s worth when you’re selling some scraps. A trusted company will be transparent about its prices, listing the different types of metals they buy and indicating their prices in kilograms. For instance, you’ll notice that stainless steel is generally priced at around $1.10 to $1.60/kg, while copper, a more valuable material, can be worth up to $11.50/kg.

For a more accurate estimate, you can compare the provider’s prices with other resources, such as the Scrap Metal Sydney website and the iScrap application. Furthermore, choose a company that can pay you on the spot, ensuring you aren’t getting scammed.

  • Consider the company’s additional services

Last but not least, what other services does the company offer that can make the transaction more convenient? You should look for solutions like weighbridge services, allowing you to weigh your scrap metals and junk cars accurately.

Some top companies also offer scrap bin services for regular collections and one-time pickups. These bins can vary in size, ideal for large-scale scrapping for construction, fencing, engineering, and commercial industries.

Metal Force Recycling is a leading provider of scrap metal services. We can buy your scrap metal in Campbelltown for excellent prices, no matter if it’s lead, copper, stainless steel, or aluminium. All you need to do is clean and separate your scraps, and you can contact us at 0403 191 732 to start earning!