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Which Is Better: Scrap a Car or Sell a Car?

Are you trying to get rid of your old vehicles? You have two options to explore: scrap the car in Sydney or sell it to a private buyer. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on what you value the most!

Sell or scrap a car in Sydney: which option is better for you

The pros and cons of privately selling your car

According to Manheim, a US-based auto analyst, more than 3 million used vehicles are sold in Australia annually. This is a significant number compared to the mere 1 million brand-new vehicles bought per annum, making the local second-hand car market incredibly lucrative.

Because of the massive demand for used cars, private car sellers won’t have much trouble finding a buyer. You can choose to sell the vehicle to a dealership or look for a private buyer through online marketplaces like, Auto Trader, and Facebook Marketplace. Moreover, selling to a private buyer can guarantee much higher payment offers than a dealership.

However, privately selling your car is not always the best choice. For instance, you’ll only be paid for its wholesale price if you sell an old vehicle to a dealer. Meanwhile, if you decide to look for private buyers, you must be ready to spend days or weeks trying to find a reliable buyer.

Not to mention, finding a buyer doesn’t immediately mean you’ll get to make the sale. Most buyers want to schedule a test drive, conduct a vehicle history report, and possibly even negotiate for a much lower price.

The pros and cons of scrapping your car

You might have trouble finding a willing buyer if your vehicle is too old or worn out. In this case, your best option is to sell it to a scrap car dealer.

Car removal companies will accept vehicles regardless of their year, make, and model, only pricing based on the car’s condition. For instance, if you had a damaged 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer, you don’t have to worry about the company not accepting it.

Not only that, you can take advantage of free services as well. Top-rated car removal companies offer instant quotes and pick-up services without charging a single dollar, making the selling process more convenient.

However, take note that finding a reliable removal company may be difficult. Not all providers offer additional services for free, possibly even charging hidden fees. In addition, you will not be completely aware of what happens to your vehicle after it is picked up—it’s best to rid yourself of any liability by submitting a notice of disposal through the Service NSW website.

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