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Why Car Removal Offers Instant Cash for Damaged Cars

Are you still keeping an old car in your garage? Is it too wrecked to be fixed? Instead of letting it go to waste, consider selling it to a licensed scrap metal merchant that offers instant cash for damaged cars. You’ll be surprised by how much value it still has, even in its current condition, and it could earn you top dollar regardless of its make, model, or year.

How does it work?

Reputable scrap metal merchants offer car removal services and top cash for old, damaged, and wrecked vehicles. Your car may be scrap now, but professionals still see value in it from the scrap metals and spare parts they can get from it. Their vast international and domestic exports and trades make them capable of paying the best price possible for unwanted junk vehicles.

The process

While you have the choice to take your wrecked car apart to sell its parts and scrap metals, we strongly recommend car removal to avoid any hassles. It’s the most convenient way to earn quick cash for damaged cars while skipping the guesswork. That’s because the service provider will take care of everything from the evaluation to the pick-up and wrecking. Just call an established scrap metal merchant that offers car removals in Sydney. Here’s an overview of their process:

  1. Evaluate – When you call or fill out an online form, a team of professionals will assess the condition of your car, model, and make.
  2. Quote – You’ll receive a competitive quote after the assessment. The free estimate is the amount the merchant is ready to pay for your vehicle.
  3. Removal – If you accept the offer, you can arrange the pick-up, and a team will come to your place to fetch the car.
  4. Payment – You’ll receive the cash on the spot— before they take your car.

More straightforward than selling your car elsewhere

The amount of cash for damaged cars will largely depend on their functionality and condition. If your car is damaged, wrecked, and not running anymore, it’s considered non-valuable in the resale market. That isn’t the case when you sell it to a scrap metal merchant that aims to get the best deals for you.

Car removal is also more rewarding than selling your old vehicle to a reseller because scrap metal merchants evaluate the metals and spare parts they can retrieve, not the entire car. It also handles the wrecking and disposal to reduce your impact on the environment. 

Need instant cash?

Metal Force Recycling is a licensed and insured scrap metal merchant that you can call at 0403 191 732 for instant cash for damaged cars. Our team ensures top dollar for your car, as much as $9,000, depending on its condition. As private buyers, we guarantee the highest cash value with free towing and paperwork throughout Sydney.