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Get Cash For Junk Cars In Sydney

The replacement price for your car at a dealer’s showroom may disappoint you when you approach us. As private car buyers, we’ll offer a bargain that will be hard to refuse. We at Metal Force Recycling are the leading car wreckers in Sydney.

Located in Fairfield East, we deal in all types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. With our strong domestic and international trades and exports, we can offer the best prices in cash for junk cars in Sydney.

Your old vehicle will be assessed in terms of the condition of the car, the extent of damage, mileage, and the number of years since purchase. A price for buying your vehicle to recycle will be shared with you once we’ve discussed all the details. After this, we will tow your car for free and recycle its parts. You stand to earn cash for junk cars in Sydney of up to $ 9000 at Metal Force Recycling.

Why we do what we do is because our vision is to reduce wastes in landfills by 65% in Sydney. Every year, we intend to achieve this in our business capacity.

No hidden charges at Metal Force Recycling

We don’t believe in hiding or concealing information or charges from you. Our work is transparent and professional in the best interest of you and your car.

When you buy a new car, it runs at an average of 12 years and probably more if there are no extensive damages. There comes a time when you have to bid adieu to the old so you can let in the new. This is what we assist you with at Metal Force Recycling. We will buy the old vehicle from you and recycle it.

Here’s how we intend to serve you.

  • You will get instant cash payment against your vehicle.
  • The price to earn from us as private car buyerscan go up to $9000.
  • You will get a same-day appraisal, payment, and removal of your junk car.
  • We do not charge for removing your car from the premises.
  • We keep documentation processes simple with minimal hassle.
  • Our work processes are in adherence to all legal compliances.
  • As we mentioned, there are no hidden charges.

Why are we known as the car wreckers in Sydney?

Technically speaking, we don’t recklessly wreck your old car. We value it as much as you do. We do, however, recycle the vehicle while removing the metal or parts that can be reused. Our work process is precise and executed by professional experts with high tech equipment. That is why our metal scraps company can offer the best services as car wreckers in Sydney.

As professional scrap metal merchants, we offer cash for scrap, scrap metal pickups, service bin deliveries, and cash for junk cars in Sydney. We also offer car removal services, semi-truck and tipper deliveries and pickups upon request.

If you’re looking for private car buyers then we’re your people. You may contact us for more information. We would be happy to help and advice.