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Get Eco-Friendly Car Removal and Disposal

You may have treated your car as a prized possession and a long-term investment. But when it reaches the end of its lifecycle, it’s best to let it go. The same applies when your car is badly damaged or wrecked and not worth repairing or restoring. However, instead of leaving it stuck in your garage or bringing it to a junkyard, you must consider car removal for eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

Car removals are services that pay top cash for old, damaged, junk, wrecked, unwanted, and scrap cars. Service providers will even ensure you’re getting offers higher than what you can earn from a junkyard or a private buyer.

Fast and hassle-free

Why waste more time and money on repairing and restoring a junk car when you can sell it right away? You can avoid the extra costs and hassles by selling it to a car removal company. A reputable and licensed cash for cars company like ours will provide a free estimate to let you know how much your car is worth to us, and if you like the offer, you may immediately book the pickup, and we will come to fetch your car, no matter where you are in Sydney.

Help the environment

Car removal is more environmentally friendly, especially if you leave it to a licensed company like us. We can complete the process in one day, and once we have your car, our team of technicians will take it apart for recycling.

Leaving your old car to rust and deteriorate on your property can harm the environment. This is because it can release toxic chemicals from the batteries, and harmful fluids could even leech underground to contaminate the soil and groundwater. Car removals ensure eco-friendly recycling and wrecking for safe landfill disposal.

Get top cash for any make and model.

Car removals are more versatile as they accept all cars, no matter the make, model, year, or condition. The payout will depend on your car’s condition, but reputable companies will ensure you get the highest offers without any catch. They will even arrange the free removal and provide instant payout when they come to pick up the car.

Free towing

One of the hassles of choosing conventional junkyards is calling a towing company or driving your junk car yourself to the wrecking yard. That means extra costs, wasted time, and safety issues when your car is no longer road-worthy.

Metal Force Recycling offers car removal services, and you can get an estimate by calling 0403 191 732. We’ll even take care of the pickup at no extra cost, and then pay you on the spot when our team comes to get your car. As licensed scrap metal merchants, we can pay up to $9,000 for cars, depending on their condition. By choosing us, you can do your part in reducing the waste that goes into landfills.