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Subaru Wreckers Sydney


If you are planning to get rid of your old Subaru, Metal Force Recycling has the perfect solution for you. We are amongst the specialist that wreck and dismantle Subaru vehicles. Your Subaru might have served you some good and loyal years. But it’s time for you to give it a respectable goodbye.

Metal Force Recycling is amongst the reputed Subaru wreckers in Sydney that offers free removal and instant cash. Why hold on to an unused asset that can be easily sold for cash? The process is simple i.e. get rid of your car in the most eco-friendliest of ways possible.

Metal Force Recycling believes in the eco-friendly wrecking of old and damaged vehicles. And if you happen to feel convinced with the idea of disposing of your car through an eco-friendly process, then search for “wreckers near me” and get a direct quote from Metal Force Recycling.

The years accumulate on us, showering us with experience as a leading auto wrecker in Sydney. So, don’t let your old car rust away in shame when you can say it a goodbye for cash.

Call us now at 0403 191 732 for consultation and quotes.

Why do people trust in Metal Force Recycling?

Being the top Subaru wreckers in Sydney, our services have been open to our loyal customers for several decades. Naturally, we were counted as one of the most established car wrecking companies.

But unlike other companies that bank on their legacy and reputation, we are still consistent with what we offer:

  • Cash payments made instantly against your car.
  • You are allowed to earn as much as $9000
  • From evaluation to payment and removal of your car, all is taken care of by us.
  • We provide free removal of your car from your desired location.
  • Less paperwork and streamlined workflow till approval.
  • Utmost transparency is maintained which means that there is no hidden fee.

Since eco-friendly recycling falls under our responsibility, so as the citizens of Australia, we feel that the onus should be on us to abide by the environmental laws for car removal services.

If you are interested in the work we are doing, do check our website and get in touch with us.

How do we make the process of recycling your car hassle-free?

Selling off your old car is, perhaps, a matter of nostalgia. You have made memories with that automobile and it’s obvious to feel attached to it. However, circumstances aren’t always favourable for us, leading us to remove the old. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of convenience that we look out for.

But how can that removal be seamless? Metal Force Recycling welcomes you with an open arm for choosing to sell off your old car. We have a price for every car there is. Since it’s hectic to get rid of your old car, we have decided to make the process easier.

But how do we do that? Here’s what we do.

  • You, our client, will reach out and request a quote.
  • We will ask you to fill a quick survey form, followed by running an assessment on your vehicle.
  • Once we settle at a bargain and finalise the quote, we send our experts to collect your old car.
  • The pick-up time is consulted beforehand and it is as per your convenience.
  • After your Subaru is collected, we pay you in cash.

The entire process is made seamless for the clients. Since Metal Force Recycling has always prioritised their clients first, our process of removing a car is also made easy. This is also why we have thrived as a unit, recycling car with – minimal paperwork, instant cash payment and fast evaluation.

Free Removal of Old Cars

One of the attractive aspects of our deal is to provide same-day removal for free. The logistics of vehicle disposal is also why most of us feel discouraged to wreck the car. However, with our consumer-centric business model, Metal Force Recycling provides free removal of the car on the same day without any hidden charges.

The service is quick, allowing you to cash in instantly without any hassle. Our experts are also more than capable of tow your old car, maintaining safety. If you are someone. If you are looking to sell their old Subaru vehicle for an optimal amount of cash, then Metal Force Recycling is one-stop-shop for everything related to wrecking old cars.

We Don’t Discriminate in Car Models

We don’t have any requirement for the kind of cars we take in, we take them all, If you have an asset and you need some quick cash, then ring us and take a quote from us.

Here’s a list of car brands that we also accept

For further details on our extensive Subarucar wrecking service click on this link.

Contact and Request a Quote for your Subaru

To summarize our car wrecking service we have to reflect on all the key points that set us apart from the rest. We follow a very fast and hassle-free process with core focus on the convenience of the client. Our website has an ‘Instant Quote’ form, which once you submit our experts will reach out with a profitable quote against your Subaru. We follow up by getting the car removed from your premises on the same day, without major documentation or extra charges for the same. If you still have any queries in mind then  call us on 0403191732.