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Wollongong Scrap Metal Recyclers Provide Fantastic Rates On Copper Goods

You can discover some viable metals if you declutter and sort out your junk, these can then be recycled by using qualified scrap metal recyclers in Wollongong.  It may be your opportunity to earn some extra cash while reducing your waste and helping the environment. Reputable metal recyclers have a proven track record of helping business owners and residents to reduce their unwanted materials and safely dispose of them, with an attractive cash offer in return. They offer the best rates on a wide array of metals, including copper goods.

Get Cash For Copper Scrap

You likely have some copper materials that are ready for disposal. These could be bracelets, belt buckles, cufflinks, loose or damaged copper wires, roofing, piping, and motor parts. They’re practically everywhere! Instead of throwing them in the bin, gather and sort them out to sell to metal recyclers in Wollongong.

Licensed and legitimate scrap metal merchants like us buy all kinds of copper scrap and pay top dollar for them. We offer cash for shiny copper, insulated high-grade and low-grade copper wires, fridge compressors, copper number 1 or 2, copper domestic, and electric motors.

Why Sell Your Copper Goods To Us?

Did you know that mining is required to get fresh copper from natural reserves? That can hurt the environment and cause pollution. Copper scrap can be reused and recycled to reduce the energy wasted in extracting processes. Recycled copper is proven useful for a wide array of applications, and it prevents the need to keep using our planet’s natural reserves. Besides, recycling a tonne of copper requires only 15 per cent of the fuel and energy used in extraction.

Recycling copper also helps reduce the waste that ends up in landfills. By selling your scrap copper to reputable recyclers, you could help reduce landfill waste by 60 per cent!

Top Cash Offers For Copper Scrap

Metal recyclers in Wollongong offer attractive price quotes for copper goods. Just give them a call to get your copper scrap valued accurately. Reputable recyclers use an accurate and certified BBC-tested Weighbridge to ensure the best cash offers for your scrap metals. Once you have the quote and you like it, you can book the pickup on the same day. Pickup is free, and you’ll get paid on the spot.

The Best Prices Every Time

The prices of scrap metals tend to fluctuate, and copper isn’t an exception. However, we ensure that you get the best possible cash offers for scrap copper, depending on the existing market rate. Don’t hesitate to check our online price guide and call us for a quote.

Metal Force Recycling is a team of reputable and licensed metal recyclers in Wollongong and you can easily reach us by calling 0403 191 732. We guarantee the highest cash offers that you won’t find anywhere else!