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Suzuki Wreckers Sydney


A good old Suzuki can get cash up to $9000. Are You Still Shell Shocked? Don’t be! Metal Force Recycling has got you covered. If you are ready to sell your old Suzuki, then we can offer a respectable and eco-friendly goodbye, which it deserves.

Call us at 0403 191 732 if you want a prolific Suzuki wreckers in Sydney or a leading car wrecking company for same-day removal and instant cash against your car. Getting rid of your car has never been easier, your old and resting car can be dismantled in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Ask us why? An eco-friendly process lets us live up to our ideas of conforming to conserving our environment. So, if you are convinced that your car can be disposed of in the most ethical way possible, then Metal Forceis one of the leading car wreckers in Sydney to opt-out for.

You can visit our website or call us for a quote or consultation. Trust us as we have the years on our side, giving us the experience to make your car removal easy and seamless.

Suzuki Wreckers Sydney- Metal Force Recycling

People trust in Metal Force Recycling – Here’s Why!

We can proudly claim that people do trust us as one of the leading Suzuki wreckers Sydney. The reason behind this is simple – our client-centric approach.

Being amongst the oldest car wreckers in Sydney, we have consistently served our loyal customers across the decade. Here is what we offer:

  • Instant cash payment after approval of our quote.
  • You can easily earn an optimal amount of money, ranging as high as $9000.
  • From getting a quote to removal and wrecking your old Suzuki car, we take care of this process with precision.
  • Same-day removal can also be offered for those who want their car removed instantly.
  • Our quotes are flexible and the entire process after that is also user-friendly.
  • Worried about heaps of paperwork? We have streamlined that too.
  • No hidden charges, since we maintain complete transparency with how our process works.

Eco-friendly habitat is what Metal Force Recycling is aiming for. Since dismantling a car can be detrimental to the environment, we make sure that we follow all the legal protocols of our environmental laws and conduct the process of car recycling within ethical boundaries.

From Evaluation to Cash – Step by Step guide to removing your car

Metal Force Recycling has a consumer-centric business model. Naturally, you can expect the process to be hassle-free and seamless. You, our client, is our sole priority.

So, if you are distressed about your old Suzuki vehicle which has become a liability and is beyond any repair, then follow these steps to get rid of your car with the help of the Metal Force Recycling company.

  1. The first step is to approach us, then we will ask you to fill you a quick survey to help be briefed about your situation. The survey can be filled online or over a telephonic call.
  2. The next step is where we will assess your car and get ready for a quote.
  3. As we quote you with a potential price, we will settle at a price, agreed by you and our expert.
  4. Once the quote is confirmed, our experts will connect with you and ask you for an appointment for removing the car.
  5. Our expert will pay you cash against the asset which they will remove for free.
  6. The old car will be towed away, carefully, from your premises.

The whole process will rarely require you to do anything apart from confirming a few things. So, from its appraisal to the car being towed away, all will be taken care of, by us. The process is streamlined in a way that accommodates your comfort and convenience.

How do we give you the best quotes – It’s because we can!

You can earn as high as $9000 against your old Suzuki. And how do we come up with such a lucrative deal, it’s because we see your car beyond its reselling value. We have a team of professionals who conduct the assessment before a quote.

They scrutinize and map out the details required to assess your car’s condition. This is why we get to come up with such lucrative quotes, enough to get you a new ride,

We also accept other brands. Not just Suzuki, Metal Force Recycling also takes in cars from different brands. We don’t discriminate. Here are some of the companies that we had previously accepted.

There are no eligibility criteria for the cars we accept. The cars we dismantle are of various kinds and from brands across the consumer market. Your quote will entirely depend on the expert assessment of your vehicle before it’s wrecked.

Call Us and Get Your Queries Answered

Avail our seamless services without having to worry about extensive documentation or a lengthy process. We are fast to process your request once you intimate us with all the car details we need to get you a lucrative quote up to $9000. Like our quote? We will spare no time in reaching your premises to get the car towed of your property free of cost on the same day while offering you instant cash once we get the car removed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any query that you might have our experts are at your service from Monday till Saturday. Call our Suzuki wreckers in Sydney us now on 0403191732.